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Explore the 'Orchestra FAQ' page under ‘Other Resources’ for information about the class.

Please come to one of our Instrument Selection events!  Visit the ‘Upcoming Events’ page for more details.

Click here to enroll in orchestra class if you are unable to attend Instrument Selection Day.

Welcome to string orchestra!

I’m thrilled to have you and your child in class!  Music ensembles provide some of the most memorable experiences in a student’s school life.

Family support is pivotal to a positive experience, and I recommend a conscientious balance of involvement and autonomy.  Definitely DO ask your child what they’re learning, and help them set up a good practice routine.  See the tips page for some advice!

One of the core components of my curriculum is the String Samurai Program, wherein students work at their own pace to learn skills and earn belts.  If ever you’re not sure what to practice, you can always work on your next String Samurai belt.  This year, I’m working on a video series so that kids who want to get really good, really quickly can move as fast as they want!

Please send me an email whenever you have a thought, concern, question, advice, or anything!  There are other ways to communicate, too, but I respond to emails the quickest.  Parents are welcome in class at any time, just make sure to sign in at the office.

This year’s going to be great!  I can’t wait to begin!

Mr. Steven Lambert

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How you can support, praise and promote your child:

  1. Provide a quiet place for practice

  2. Set up a practice schedule​ (see tips page for advice!)

  3. Remain nearby during practice times as often as possible

  4. Praise your child's efforts and achievements

  5. Never use practice as punishment

  6. Allow your child to perform for the family if he or she is comfortable

  7. Remind your child to bring their instrument and music to school on class days

  8. Attend all of your child's performance events​

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Our Mission

We are a group of kids who believe art is a vital expression of the human soul.  We join together to play awesome music, become expert at our instruments, strengthen the bonds between us, and have fun.

We train our ears to hear what’s around us, our eyes to interpret what’s on the page, and our minds to express what is within us.  We train our bodies with healthful technique so we can play with determination and strength from now through old age.

Our motto: Courage, Commitment, Focus.

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