Orchestra FAQ

What is the schedule of classes?

  • Our class meets during school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

What if I cannot afford to rent an instrument?

  • The district owns a limited number of instruments, which are available for a one-time fee of $100.  You can request the use of a district instrument here.  Instrument pricing at the local stores does seem competitive with school pricing and also includes a maintenance and repair plan; with school instruments, you are on the hook for any repairs that may be needed after checkout.

Our family already owns an instrument.  Can my child use it?

  • Possibly - we'll have to make sure it’s in working condition & the correct size.  String instruments come in different sizes to fit different people; bigger instruments have a bigger tone, but an instrument that's too large will be physically painful to play.  It's not uncommon even for adults to use fractional instruments.  Bring your instrument to Instrument Night so I can check it out.

The String Basses are massive!

  • Yup, generally, though the smallest basses are the same size as a full-size cello.  Because of their size, I strive to assign most students 2 basses - one to keep at home, and one to keep at school.  If you rent a bass for at home, I'll guarantee you one to use at school.  If you can't rent one at home, we'll have to see how many people sign up for bass before I know if I'll have one for you to keep at home.